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Actress & Singer



Pavlina Kotas is an actress and a singer.


She earned a Master’s degree in Music and the Czech language. Then she expanded her knowledge with postgraduate studies in Aesthetics at the Charles University in Prague, Czech republic.  

For several years Pavlina was involved in sales and marketing and she served as a CEO for an international company.

During all this time she also engaged in amateur theater acting as a hobby. Later she decided to study acting to further develop and nurture her artistic soul.

This decision led her to the United States where she graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles (Class of 2019) and started acting professionally.

In her free time, Pavlina likes painting and downhill skiing.

She speaks English, German, Russian and Czech. Recently, she began studying French, which brings her a lot of joy.

Pavlina lives alternately in Los Angeles and Prague.


She thanks you for visiting her website and she wishes you a beautiful day.


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